Configuring the site to support optional Management Center marketing features

There are a number of configuration tasks you might need to perform to support some optional Management Center marketing features. Complete the tasks that are required for your site, if the support is not already in place.


  1. Optional: To support sending marketing emails, you must configure outbound and inbound email accounts. See Configuring email activity accounts.
  2. Optional: To support sending marketing text messages (SMS), you must add an SMS transport and configure a Marketing message message type for your site. See Enabling and configuring the SMS transport.
  3. Optional: Ensure that your store registration page allows customers to opt in for email and text message marketing, and to supply their email addresses and mobile phone numbers.
    Ensure that your store registration page allows customers to supply their birth dates if you plan to use these marketing features:
    • The Customer Celebrates Birthday trigger for dialog activities, to market to customers on their birthday
    • The customer segment attribute Current age according to supplied birth date to create age-based customer segments that remain accurate as your customers get older

    For the Aurora starter store registration page example, see Registration page (B2C).

  4. Optional: If you are redirecting customers from your site to external sites through click actions on e-Marketing Spots, you must enable URL redirect filtering.
  5. Optional: If you want to view revenue statistics for marketing experiments (A/B testing) and search rule experiments in Management Center, then you must enable the ExperimentEvaluationEventListener.