Registration page (B2C)

The Registration page is where customers can specify their personal information to create an account profile to become registered users of the site. There are mandatory fields (marked by a red asterisk) and optional fields. Registration data that is captured here can be used for your precision marketing campaigns. For example, you can use gender and birthday field data to build customer segments, and then personalize marketing messages based on gender and age.

Elements of the Registration page

Registration page screen capture
Full size screen capture

Standard functions on Registration page

1 Personal details
Customers can specify their personal details, such as logon ID, password, name, home address, e-mail address, and phone number.
10 Remember Me check box
Customers can select this check box if they want the store to populate their personal data, such as logon ID and password, automatically every time they return to the site.

Optional functions on Registration page

The following functions can be enabled or disabled for the Aurora starter store by using the Store Management tool in Management Center. For more information, see Selecting store functions.

3 Preferred language
Customers can specify their preferred language.
4 Gender
Customers can specify their gender.
5 Preferred currency
Customers can specify their preferred currency.
6 Birthday
Customers can specify their date of birth. The Privacy Policy link next to this field links to your store's Privacy Policy page.
2 Send me information about store specials
Customers can opt in to receive marketing e-mails from the store.
7 Mobile phone number
Customers can submit their mobile phone numbers.
8 SMS Notifications
Customers can receive SMS notifications on their mobile phone.
9 SMS Promotions
Customers can receive SMS promotions on their mobile phone.

Links and buttons

11 Submit
Saves the new account profile in the database. If your company chooses account activation as a store function, then your customers receive an e-mail with a link to activate their account.
11 Cancel
Displays the home page.

JSP files

  • UserRegistrationAddForm.jsp represents the entire page.
  • AddressEntryForm_locale.jspf represents the address entry form of the page according to locale.