Deactivating or deleting expired Web activities for better performance

To improve runtime performance, make sure to either delete or deactivate expired Web activities on a regular basis. This ensures that the HCL Commerce server does not waste resources checking the schedules of expired Web activities when evaluating what to display in an e-Marketing Spot.


You have two options to deal with expired web activities:
  • Option 1. Run the dbclean utility to delete expired Web activities.

    If you only want to temporarily deactivate a specific Web activity so that you can reactivate it later, do not use this method. Instead, deactivate the Web activity manually in Management Center.

  • Option 2: Deactivate expired Web activities:
    • Ensure that the deactivateExpiredActivites flag is set to true. This property is in the Send Marketing Triggers section of the Marketing component configuration file, wc-admin-component.xml. By default this property is set to true. For more information about this file, see Marketing component configuration files (wc-admin-component.xml),