Deprecated feature

Sync request and the ConfirmBOD response

Sync is used to notify interested parties the current state of the business objects that the system manages. Only the system that contains the master data record should be sending Sync requests. Sync is used to synchronize the business object or objects across systems and is initiated by the system that holds the master data record for the business object.

A common example of when sync is used is asynchronous updates by JMS. Sync is not limited to this usage but typically when backend systems are pushing updates, these updates are sent asynchronously and reliably. For example, the master data record for member will use Sync BOD to broadcast updates. The Sync BOD request will be received from the master data record when the order status changes.

As a response to a Sync request, the ConfirmBOD response will be used to indicate whether processing was successful. The confirm response will contain the success or failure message as a result of the synchronization. The response will not include any information about the noun itself. The purpose of Sync is to synchronize the system so the Nouns currently in the system match the Nouns within the request message.

For Sync requests, actions are user-defined. The action must indicate the business operation that needs to take place on the included Noun. There is no predefined list of actions that can be associated with the Sync verb.

The following example shows a Sync message for the Person noun:

<oa:ActionExpression actionCode="Create"