Deprecated feature

Change Request / Respond Response

Change is used to notify the master repository that they should change a business object that they own. The Change message will contain the verb and the noun. The noun will contain the information to uniquely identify itself and the attributes to change. For example, when adding a contact to a customer's contact list (address book), the noun specified will contain the contact information to add along with the information to uniquely identify the Person business object.

The following example shows the Change verb being called with an actionCode of Update, to update the contact information of a Person noun.

<oa:ActionExpression actionCode="Update"

Within the verb, there should only be one action expression where the actionCode attribute points out the operation to perform. The allowed operations for change are:

Action Description
Add Add a business object within a larger business object. For example, add an attribute to a catalog entry.
Update Update an existing business object. For example, update a customer profile or address.
Delete Remove a business object from the system. For example, delete an address from an address book.

The action expression uses XPath. The XPath expression represents a pointer within the noun to the business object to modify. The response to a Change request is a Respond BOD that contains a Response verb and a noun. The Noun refers to the data that was changed. The Respond verb contain the response criteria one for each action expression specified in the request.