Deprecated feature


A verb represents an operation that can be performed on a noun. For example, an "Order" noun has a specified operation that is performed in response to the verb "Get" (in this case, providing details to the client about the Order). Although OAGIS messaging defines a number of verbs; HCL Commerce uses a subset.

OAGIS verbs not supported by HCL Commerce

HCL Commerce does not support any of the deprecated OAGIS verbs. In addition, HCL Commerce services do not promote the use of the following verbs:

Verb Rationale
Cancel Not supported because in the majority of HCL Commerce scenarios, a Cancel is actually a processing operation with a cancel action. It is not simply an undo of some previously requested operation, for which a simple confirmation would be sufficient. It is typically a fairly complex business process, with a response message that indicates through its payload details of what happened during the cancellation. For example, canceling an order may have restocking fee implications, or at the very least would require a response message to be delivered to the client with a transaction ID for the request.
Load Represents an event that does not exist within HCL Commerce.
Post Represents an event that does not exist within HCL Commerce.
Update Not used because it is so close in semantic meaning to the Change verb. HCL Commerce supports the Change verb, and an Update action within the Change verb.