Deprecated feature

Back-end integration using Business Object Document-style Web services

Back-end integrating using Business Object Document-style (BOD-style) Web services provides a common programming pattern for external client enablement that does not depend on a specific workflow implementation.

Inbound requests

The same Web services used to receive inbound requests are used for external integration when integrating using BOD-style Web services. The inventory and order service modules provide a client facade used to send requests to HCL Commerce. The client facade is bound to HCL Commerce, for example the OrderFacadeClient.

Outbound requests

Each service module has an external client facade which can be used to invoke external service, regardless of whether the purpose of the service is for integration or some approval flow. The external client facade is bound to an external system, for example the OrderExternalFacadeClient used by Distributed Order Management (DOM) integration.

HCL Commerce produces BOD-style service requests and through some intermediary system, such as an Enterprise Service Bus, these requests can be mediated and routed to the appropriate systems.