Using the utilities view

Use the utilities view to locate objects you require to complete a task, without navigating away from the current view. From the Find, Browse, or Clipboard tabs, drag objects into the Management Center main work area.


  1. Open a Management Center tool.
  2. Open the utilities view by clicking Show utilities view.
  3. From the utilities view, you can work with each tab:
    Find Click this tab to search for objects:
    1. From the search filter, a select the type of object you want to find.
    2. Within the find area, type a search string and click Find. The system performs a search based on your search criteria.

      For details about the Management Center search functionality, see Finding objects in Management Center.

    The search results display within the Find tab.

    To view additional pages of search results, click the Load next page icon and Load previous page icon icons.

    You can drag or copy objects from this list to the Management Center main work area.

    Browse Click this tab to browse the HCL Commerce system for objects. You can expand and collapse the nodes to see the objects under each node. Select a node to display its details in the lower frame within the Browse tab.
    Note: If you have many entries under one node, there might be too many to list. You will see arrows to indicate there are more entries than displayed; click the arrows to move up and down the list.

    If there are many objects, right-click in the Browse tab; then click Load Next Page or Load Previous Page.

    You can drag objects from the lower frame to the Management Center main work area.

    Clipboard Reuse objects that you have copied into the Clipboard tab:
    • Drag or copy items to the clipboard. For example, from the list view within the Management Center main work area, you can drag list items to the clipboard. You can also select one or more list items, right-click these selected items, and click Copy to clipboard. Likewise, from the explorer view, you can drag or copy items to the clipboard.
    • Drag or copy items out of the clipboard and into the Management Center main work area. From the clipboard, you can right-click and click Select All so that you can drag or copy all of the items out of the clipboard at one time.

    To remove all the objects from within the clipboard, click Clear.

    All objects copied to the clipboard are available for reuse within the same Management Center session for each tool within the Management Center.