Rich text editor (CKEditor)

Throughout the Management Center, some objects contain fields in which you can perform text editing and formatting. For example, you can create a bullet list or add HTML code to enhance the display of text on the storefront.

The following fields in the Management Center support rich text editing:

List of fields that support CKEditor in Management Center

Management Center tool Fields
Catalogs tool
  • The Long description field in the properties for a product, SKU, bundle, and kit.
  • The Long description field in the properties for a category.
  • The Long description field in the properties for a sales catalog.
Marketing tool
  • The Email content field in the properties for an email template.
  • The Text field in the properties for marketing content.
Promotions tool
  • The Customer viewable long description field in the properties for a promotion under the Descriptions tab.
Commerce Composer tool
  • The Display text field in the properties of the Text Editor widget.

CKEditor rich text editor

The default text editor in Management Center is the CKEditor. Management Center uses a customized version of CKEditor The following image displays the available editing options with CKEditor:
Launch CKEditor

For more information about the various options in the toolbar, see Editing text in CKEditor.

CKEditor supports two modes for editing content: editor mode and source mode.
  • Editor mode: Edit content with the options in the toolbar and view the changes as you make them.
  • Source mode: Add custom HTML code to edit content.
Important: CKEditor ensures that proper HTML is generated. As a result, when you use CKEditor to edit content that contains HTML code, CKEditor might correct or remove code that the editor cannot interpret. This behavior rarely occurs but can produce unexpected results. It is recommended that you back up content that you think might be affected before you use CKEditor. If you continuously encounter issues where CKEditor modifies HTML code, an IT developer can customize CKEditor to prevent the correction or removal of code. For more information, see CKEditor Developers Guide.

Advantages of CKEditor

CKEditor includes the following features:
  • Edit content by using Undo, Redo, and Paste special options.
  • Import different elements, such as tables, lines, and special characters.
  • Use templates to provide a quick start for standardized content.
  • Automatically correct broken HTML code to ensure that proper HTML is generated. For example, a store developer might provide HTML code to add to a rich text field. If the code contains a missing closing bold tag (</b>), CKEditor automatically inserts the missing tag.
The following table lists the capabilities of the CKEditor.
Editor features
Editor features CKEditor
Edit/View source code
Start from template
Paste as plain text
Paste special
Find and replace
Select all
Remove format
Numbered list
Bulleted list
Increase indent
Decrease indent
Block Quote
Align left
Align center
Align right
Align justified
Text direction from left to right
Text direction from right to left
URL link
Remove link
Insert document bookmark
Insert image
Insert Flash movie
Insert table
Insert horizontal line
Insert special character
Style (for example Coding, Red title)
Paragraph format
Font size
Text color
Background color
Maximize editor window
Show block
Spell check