Store Management tool

As a Seller, Site Administrator, or Channel Manager, you can use the Store Management tool in Management Center to manage your stores. The Store Management tool in Management Center replaces all of the store management features in HCL Commerce Accelerator, except store creation and the ability to suspend and resume stores.

The following screen capture provides a quick look at the Store Management tool. This list view shows all of the stores that the user is authorized to work with:
Store List view screen capture

What you can do with the Store Management tool

Here is a summary of tasks you can perform to manage the stores that you are authorized to work with:

Task Details For more information
Manage store information Change general store information, such as:
  • Store name
  • Description
  • Contact information
  • Location
  • Supported languages
  • Supported currencies
Updating store information
Change store style Change the style of your store, including the store layout and color. Changing store layout and color
Select store functions Specify the functions that are supported in your store, such as which optional fields to display on the Registration and Change Personal Information pages. Selecting store functions
Select and view a store Select a store to:
  • View the store in a new browser window to determine what changes you want to make in the store.
  • View the store in a new browser window after you make changes to the store.
Selecting and viewing stores
Open or close a store Specify whether to open or close a store. For example, you might want to close a store to perform maintenance and then open the store once this work is complete. Opening and closing stores

Opening and closing stores

Find stores Search for the store you want to work with by store name. Finding objects in Management Center


You can only use the Store Management tool in a workspace-enabled environment if you are working on approved content. If you are working on a specific task, the Store Management tool is not available.