Replacing text strings

Use Find and Replace to change text strings in business objects such as product descriptions, promotion names, or attachment descriptions. You can use Find and Replace in all Management Center tools.


  1. Open a Management Center tool.
  2. Open a list view, and ensure that the table is in focus by clicking on a cell within the table, or the table header as highlighted in the screen capture; click Edit > Find and Replace. Alternately, you can click the Find and Replace Find and Replace icon in the toolbar.
    An example of a Catalog Entry list view

    Sample list view in the Catalogs tool
  3. In the Find and Replace window:
    1. In the Find field, type the characters or words you want to find.
    2. In the Replace field, type the replacement text.
      Additional options for finding strings:
      Option Description
      Match case To find only text with uppercase and lowercase characters, as specified in Find field, select Match Case.
      Wrap to start Deselect to search from the current position to the bottom of the page. By default, search continues to search at the beginning of the page after reaching the end of the page
    3. To replace all instances of the text at once, click Replace All. Or, to replace one instance at a time, click Find Next, and then click Replace.
    Note: You cannot replace text if:
    • You cannot edit the text in the list view.
    • The text contains mixed formatting, for example, if part of a word is underlined.