Disabling post-publish for quick publish

Cache invalidation occurs during post-publish for catalog and search. You can disable the post-publish for quick publish for the catalog or search resource managers to avoid duplicate cache invalidation.


  1. Update the resource-containers.xml file.
    1. Go to the WC_profiledir/installedApps/cell_name/WCServer_enterprise_archive/xml/content-management directory for your site.
    2. Open the wc-resource-containers.xml file for editing.
    3. Find the <wc:QuickPublishConfiguration> element in the file.
    4. Add the following postPublish parameter within the element:
      <wc:Publisher className="com.ibm.commerce.context.content.resources.publish.DefaultJDBCContentPublisherImpl"
      initParameters=[other-parameters] postPublish="false" [other-parameters]/ >
  2. Save your changes and close the file.
  3. Restart your WebSphere Commerce server to apply the changes to your site.