Configuring negotiated pricing

To use negotiated pricing, you must have a nominal cost price list that is defined for your store.

Negotiated pricing might exhibit slightly different behavior, depending on the product edition you install.
  • WebSphere Commerce ProfessionalPrice override limits cannot be set for a CSR. Instead, they are treated as unlimited. A CSR can still override the price and the order is not blocked.
  • WebSphere Commerce EnterpriseIf a price override limit is not set for the group to which a CSR belongs, that CSR cannot override the price. Otherwise, the CSR can override the price, but the order is blocked if the negotiated price exceeds the limit.
  • If the product edition cannot be determined, an error occurs.


  1. In the POLICY database table, select POLICY_ID, POLICYNAME, and PROPERTIES where POLICYTYPE_ID='Price' and STOREENT_ID=your_store_id to find the price policy for your store.
    10001 MasterCatalogPriceList name=ConsumerDirect&orgentity_dn=ou=b2c,o=seller organization,o=root organization
  2. Set the price list policy to nominal by adding the type=NOMINAL attribute to the PROPERTIES column.
    For example, update POLICY set PROPERTIES='name=ConsumerDirect&orgentity_dn=ou=b2c,o=seller organization,o=root organization&type=NOMINAL'.
  3. Refresh the registry.