Changing quick publish post-publish size

By default, quick publish post-publish processes data from all the resource managers and then propagates them sequentially. If the total amount of data to be propagated is larger than the available memory, this can lead to an OutOfMemory error. You can change how quick publish post-publish processes resource managers to limit this error from occurring. You can either tune the Java virtual machine or edit the quick publish post-publish size.

About this task

postPublishSize defines how the post-publish phase reads and then propagates resource managers. For example, when postPublishSize=2, post-publish reads two resource managers, then propagates the two resource managers data before reading the next two resource managers.


  1. Update the wc-resource-containers.xml file:
    1. Open the WC_profiledir\installedApps\cell_name\WCServer_enterprise_archive\xml\content-management\wc-resource-containers.xml file for editing.
    2. In the wc-resource-containers.xml file, locate the <wc:QuickPublishConfiguration> element, and add the postPublishSize parameter as shown:
      		<wc:Publisher className=""
      		initParameters=[other-parameters] postPublishSize="1" [other-parameters]/ >
  2. Save your changes and close the file.