Updating your DB2 database configuration

Review this tuning information before you migrate your DB2 database.

About this task

In this step, you update your DB2 database configuration to the minimum requirements for WebSphere Commerce Version 8.0.


  1. Navigate to the following directory:
    • WC_installdir/bin
  2. Review the database tuning parameters in the updateDB2Configuration script. Consider these values as the minimum. Check the values of this script and evaluate your specific database needs.
    For example, you might already be using higher values. In such a case, do not run this script.
    A list of the DB2 database parameters that are updated and the values to which the script sets them are contained in the following table:
    DB2 parameter Value
    locklist 2400
    indexrec RESTART
    logfilsiz 8192
    logprimary 12
    logsecond 10
    pckcachesz 16384
    catalogcache_sz 16384
    locktimeout 45
    If any of the configuration parameters for your current database already exceed these minimum parameters, update the script to remove the line for that particular parameter before you run it.

    Depending on the actual size of your database, you can increase or decrease the logfilsiz from the default setting of 1000 blocks. Otherwise, if there is not enough space, the transaction log file probably becomes full when you run the database migration script. In this case, you must increase your disk space size or relocate the database log to another disk. During the database migration pre-checking step, the premigration checker estimates the disk space that is needed for the database log.

    For more information about these DB2 parameters, and to determine the appropriate values for your database, see the DB2 Administration Guide.

  3. Open a DB2 command window.
  4. Switch to directory WC_installdir/bin.
  5. Connect to the database with command:
    • db2 connect to dbname user userID using password
    Note: If your database is remote, you must attach to the remote node before you run the script as follows:
    db2 attach to remote_node_name user db_admin_user using password
  6. Run the updateDB2Configuration script:
    • LinuxAIX./updateDB2Configuration.sh dbname userID password remoteDB [log]
    • Windows updateDB2Configuration.bat dbname remoteDB [log]


      The name of the database to be populated.
      The user ID of the user who owns the database.
      The password of the user that owns the database.
      Set to true if the database is remote, false if not.
      Optional: The name of the log file that captures the results of the update.

      The script updates your database configuration to the recommended minimum values.

  7. Stop and then restart DB2.