Creating task groups

Create a task group to manage one or more store changes that you want to publish at the same time.

Before you begin

  • Before creating a task group, you must have a workspace created. Task groups are created in workspaces.
  • Ensure that you are logged in to the Workspace Management tool as one of the following roles:
    • Workspace manager


  1. Open the Workspace Management tool.
  2. Click New New > Task Group.
  3. Enter the task group name and description. The task group name and description help identify the task group among other existing task groups.
  4. In the Due date field, click the calendar button to specify a date for the task group to be completed. This field is for your information only. WebSphere Commerce does not perform any actions based on this date.
  5. In the Approvers table, specify one or more people who will approve this task group. In the box above the table, type the first or last name of the approver, and then click Find and Add. You can assign more than one approver, but only one approver is required to approve a task group.

    Approvers must be assigned the Workspace Task Group Approver role; otherwise, you cannot add them to the Approvers table. Your administrator can assign this role to approvers.

  6. In the Workspace table, specify the workspace to which the task group will belong.

    You can drag the workspace from the explorer view on the left into the table. Alternatively, click the Show utilities view Show utilities view icon to open the utilities view, browse to the workspace, and drag the workspace into the table.

  7. Select Recurring if you want a new identical task group to be created after this task group moves to the Complete state.

    Do not select Recurring if you are creating a task group in a single-use workspace. Creating a recurring task group in a single-use workspace prevents the single-use workspace from completing.

  8. Select Quick publish if you want the file and data changes in this task group to be published to production as soon as all tasks are marked complete and all approvals are satisfied. See Enabling retry for quick publish for more information about enabling retry for quick publish.

    WebSphere Commerce Developer Quick publish is not supported in WebSphere Commerce Developer.

  9. Choose the Scheduled commit option for this task group:
    Commit upon approval The changes will be committed when the task group is approved.
    Commit on a specified date The changes will be committed on the date and time you specify.
  10. Click Save; then click Close.

What to do next

After creating a task group, you can create all the tasks in the task group.