Activating or deactivating an activity

Activities can exist in the store in two states; active or inactive. You must activate an activity to make it perform its function for your store. For example, you must activate a web activity to make it display content in e-Marketing Spots on your store pages. You can edit inactive activities only.


  1. Open the Marketing tool.
  2. From the explorer view, click Activities.
    The Activities - List page opens.
  3. Right-click the activity:
    1. To activate an inactive activity, select the activity, and click Activate.
      Before an activity that sends an email can be activated, the store email account must be configured. Furthermore, if the email send date is the same as the current date, ensure that the system's delivery time has not passed.
    2. To deactivate an active activity, select the activity, and click Deactivate.