WebSphere Commerce Developer

Installing WebSphere Commerce Developer by using the IBM Installation Manager

You can install WebSphere Commerce Developer by using the graphical installation program.

Before you begin

Complete the following tasks:


  1. Open IBM Installation Manager.
  2. Add the WebSphere Commerce Developer repository locations:
    1. On the Start page of IBM Installation Manager, click File > Preferences, and then click Repositories.
      The Repositories page opens and displays any available repositories, their locations, and whether they are connected.
    2. On the Repositories page, click Add Repository.
    3. In the Add Repository dialog box, click Browse. Navigate to the location of your WebSphere Commerce Developer DVD or extracted package, select the repository.config file, and then click OK.
      Note: You can repeat this process to select the repository.config for both the base version of WebSphere Commerce Version and a fix pack version that you want to install on top of the base version. This will allow you to complete the installation of the selected fix pack without the need to perform a separate upgrade installation.
      The new repository location is listed.
    4. Click Test Connections to ensure that all connections are available.
  3. From the Start page, click Install. The IBM Installation Manager searches its defined repositories for available packages.
  4. Select the WebSphere Commerce Developer package and then click Next.
  5. View the license panel carefully. Select I accept the terms in the license agreements, and then click Next.
  6. Choose an installation directory or use the default directory, C:\IBM\WCDE80
  7. Select the languages that you want to install. The default is English. After you select you languages, click Next.
  8. Select the WebSphere Commerce Developer 8.0.0 feature and the WebSphere Commerce toolkit feature, and then click Next.
  9. Select the WebSphere Commerce Developer edition to install; Enterprise or Professional.
    Note: Install the edition of WebSphere Commerce Developer that matches your edition of WebSphere Commerce.
  10. Click Next.
  11. Confirm all information and click Install.
  12. After the installation completes, a Summary page is displayed. In the success message, a link to the IBM Installation Manager log is provided. Click Finish.
  13. To ensure that the installation completes successfully, complete the following actions:
    1. Examine the contents of WCDE_installdir/logs/setup.log.
      If setup.log is empty or has errors, run WCDE_installdir/bin/restoreDefault.bat from the command line, then run setup.bat.
    2. Check that the WCDE_installdir/bin/setenv.bat sets the RAD_HOME environment variable to RAD_installdir correctly.
      If the variable is set correctly, then the installation was able to properly detect Rational Application Developer on your system.
    Note: You might notice java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to aquire PluginConverter service during generation errors in the setupPlugins.log file. You can safely ignore these errors.
  14. WebSphere Commerce Version or later Update WebSphere Application Server to Fix Pack or greater.
  15. Update WebSphere Commerce Developer to the latest maintenance package, WebSphere Commerce Version 8 Mod Pack 4 Fix Pack 30 (
  16. Optional: If you installed IBM WebSphere Commerce Developer Version 8.0 on a machine that also has IBM WebSphere Commerce Developer Version 7.0, Version 8 replaces any Version 7.0 Windows shortcut icons. Create new shortcuts for IBM WebSphere Commerce Developer Version 7.0 if necessary.

What to do next