Troubleshooting: Stopping the server causes a communication failure message

When you stop the WebSphere Application Server, you receive an error message that states there was a communication failure.


When you stop the server, you see an error similar to the following example in the SystemOut.log:
A communication failure occurred while attempting to obtain an initial context 
with the provider URL: "corbaloc:rir:/NameServiceServerRoot".  Make sure that any 
bootstrap address information in the URL is correct and that the target name server 
is running.  A bootstrap address with no port specification defaults to port 2809.  
Possible causes other than an incorrect bootstrap address or unavailable name server 
include the network environment and workstation network configuration.


The likely reason for the message is that some scheduler work is still running, but the server is shut down after you issued the stopServer command. If the server successfully stopped, and if it can be restarted and works properly, you can ignore this failure message.