Troubleshooting: Server startup fails after upgrade to new WebSphere Application Server version

After you upgrade to a more recent WebSphere Application Server version or install a WebSphere Application Server fix pack, you attempt to start the server, but the operation fails.


When you try to start the server, you see an error similar to the following example:
[06/07/12 11:27:14:487 BST] 00000000 ComponentMana E   WSVR0501E: Error creating component class
java.lang.RuntimeException: hostClasspath file, wjmxapp.cea.jar, not found

This error occurs if you log in as the root user when you update WebSphere Application Server. When you update WebSphere Application Server, you must log in as a non-root user.


  1. Go to the WAS_installdir/profiles directory.
  2. Run the following command: chown -R non-root_User:non-root_Group profile_name where:
    • non-root_User is the non-root user name
    • non-root_Group is the group to which the non-root user belongs
    • profile_name is the WebSphere Commerce profile