Troubleshooting: Gathering additional trace information from WebSphere Commerce Configuration Manager

If you're having problems with WebSphere Commerce Configuration Manager, use the troubleshooting tips in this topic to gather additional trace information to help you solve the problem.

Scenario 1

The configuration logs and the console outputs do not reveal enough information

Assuming the problem is not starting the Configuration Manager server or client, follow these steps to enable tracing of the Configuration Manager:
  1. Open Configuration Manager.
  2. Select Settings > Log Settings.
  3. Specify log file name.
  4. Change the Log Level to Debug (or Error).
  5. Manually adjust the output in the WCSconfig.log file:
    1. Edit the WC_installdir/instances/CM_log.xml file to add the highlighted section below:
      <LogSystem name="Log System">
      <messageLog display="false"
      <logSeverity type="STATUS" />
      <logSeverity type="ERROR" />
      <logSeverity type="DEBUG" />
      <logSeverity type="INFO" />
    2. Edit the WC_installdir/instances/wcs_instances file to change logLevel=NORMAL to logLevel=DEBUG
  6. Both the config_server and config_client utilities, as well the config_ant utility, are enhanced to use the Java logging API. The Java logging configuration is defined in the following properties file:
    • WC_installdir/config/deployment/properties/
    The output of the Java logging goes to the following file:
    • WC_installdir/logs/config.log

    By default the logging level is set to INFO, which captures very little information in the log. To capture additional output edit the properties file that controls the logging.

    1. Append the following lines to the WC_installdir/config/deployment/properties/ file: = ALL = ALL = ALL = ALL = ALL = ALL = ALL = ALL = ALL 
    2. Save the file.
    When you reproduce the issue there will be additional statements printed in the config.log file.
You can check the following files for output:
  • WC_installdir/logs/WCSconfig.log
  • WC_installdir/logs/config.log
  • WC_installdir/instances/instance_name/*log
Note: Enabling detailed logging information for the WebSphere Commerce Configuration Manager can lead to hanging issues when you try to install interim fixes. Disable Configuration Manager logging when detailed information is not needed.

Scenario 2

You want to enable tracing for the WebSphere Application Server if instance creation fails while you are configuring WebSphere Application Server for WebSphere Commerce

To enable additional tracing, first back up the following file:
  • Windowsconfig_server.bat
then modify the file and add the following two entries to the Java command line:
  • -Dwas.trace.spec="*=all=enabled" \
  • -Dwas.trace.file="/tmp/wastrace_log.txt" \
Ensure that there are no spaces after the final \ (backslash). Specify an appropriate location for the value of was.trace.file.