Support for SoftLayer Cloud Computing Instances

IBM WebSphere Commerce supports usage or defect-related service requests for the following WebSphere Commerceeditions that are running under supported Operating Systems within Softlayer Cloud Computing Instances (CCI).

  • IBM WebSphere Commerce Professional
  • IBM WebSphere Commerce Enterprise
This support statement applies to IBM WebSphere Commerce Version 8.0. Under this support statement, IBM does not require customers to re-create the problem in a non-CCI environment.

The additional software stack products might have their own unique support requirements and they must be honored as well.

Performance and capacity consideration

Partitioning of hardware into multiple virtual servers can have a dramatic effect on performance. Application Servers can be sensitive to processor caching and overall memory constraints. Moreover, software virtualization resource availability for Application Servers can be unpredictable. IBM WebSphere Commerce cannot guarantee performance or scalability in a virtualized environment.  Furthermore, part of your system capacity is used by the virtualization software to manage and service resource requests. Depending on your virtualization configuration and use case scenarios, the cost of operating in virtualized environments could be more than 30% of your overall native, non-CCI IBM WebSphere Commerce available capacity. 

Before you deploy to production on the virtualized environment ensure that your site meets your business requirements, such as response time and throughput. Ensure that you perform adequate performance, scalability, and capacity testing.