Installation components

You can choose to install separate components when you use the WebSphere Commerce installation wizard. Review the following descriptions to help you decide which components you need to install.
When you install WebSphere Commerce, each of the following components can be installed on separate nodes:
WebSphere Commerce Server

This component provides all of the functionality of WebSphere Commerce.

Selecting this component installs the following subcomponents on the node:
  • WebSphere Application Server base product
    Note: WebSphere Application Server files that are needed for WebSphere Commerce to function are installed. Do not confuse this subcomponent with the separate WebSphere Application Server Version 8.5.5 software that needs to be installed as a prerequisite to installing WebSphere Commerce.
  • WebSphere Commerce Server
  • IBM Knowledge Center
  • WebSphere Commerce starter stores
Remote WebSphere Commerce Management Utilities

With this component, you can create instances and configure WebSphere Commerce from a node that is remote from the WebSphere Commerce node.