Oracle database considerations

As a part of the WebSphere Commerce instance creation process the Configuration Manager creates an Oracle user (schema) for the WebSphere Commerce instance with specific privileges and configuration. You can create your own user manually.

Note: Create and configure an Oracle database for use with WebSphere Commerce before you create a WebSphere Commerce instance.
  • To create an Oracle user (schema) manually, ensure that the user has the following privileges:
    create tablespace tablespaceName datafile 'dataFilePath' 
       size 100M reuse autoextend on next 2M maxsize unlimited;
    grant create procedure, create sequence, create session, create synonym, create table,
       create trigger, create view, create materialized view to oracleUser;
    ALTER USER oracleUser QUOTA UNLIMITED ON tablespaceName; 
  • When you provide the Oracle SID, make sure that it is the SID and not the Oracle Service Name.
  • The name that you provide for the Oracle SID must be the same as the database name.
  • The Oracle Instance UserID that you provide is the user ID that is used for WebSphere Commerce to connect with Oracle from the Oracle client side.
  • The database user ID you provide is the schema owner who has the privileges that are needed to create the base schema.
  • Avoid including a dash (or hyphen) in the instance_name. For some WebSphere Commerce features, such as content versioning, the instance_name is used by default to specify the database schema in which applicable database objects are created. Some Oracle Java APIs have problems with the presence of dashes or hyphens in the schema name.
  • Note any limitations on the name lengths of the following names:
    • Schema names
    • Object names (such as tables and indexes)
    • Columns
    For more information, see Oracle documentation on database naming rules. Some WebSphere Commerce utilities, such as searchindexsetup, rely on concatenation with the schema-name to generate unique object name combinations. Therefore, try to limit the schema-name lengths to 10 characters or less.