Creating a WebSphere Commerce instance silently

Creating the WebSphere Commerce instance silently is a two-step process that involves preparing the file, and then running the instance creation command.

Warning: WebSphere Commerce instance creation is not currently supported with available WebSphere Commerce fix packs that require Java 8. If you need to create a new WebSphere Commerce instance, you must do so with Java 7, before upgrading to Java 8.
Note: If you are creating an instance as part of a migration from WebSphere Commerce Version 7.0, the following instance properties must match your version 7.0 instance:
  • Instance name
  • Merchant key
  • Database name
  • Default language
  • Web server configurations
To verify your version 7.0 instance properties, review your file, under your WC_installdir/instances/instance_name/properties/ directory of your version 7.0 environment.

Before you begin

Ensure that you reviewed all the applicable information in the topic, Preparing to create a WebSphere Commerce instance.