Deprecated feature: Building a WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus mediation module for DOM integration

Building a simple, yet functional, WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus mediation module for DOM integration by using WebSphere Integration Developer introduces you to several key concepts. These concepts include working with WebSphere Integration Developer as a development platform, working with mediation flows, and using XSL transformation primitives in mediation flows to transform WebSphere Commerce OAGIS BOD messages to and from messages in the backend system's format.

About this task

The external OMS simulator is a simple JEE application that is written to serve as a sample backend system for DOM integration purposes. It imitates an authentic backend system by exposing a number of inventory and order operations, for example, inventory reservation and order creation, as web services.

However, the external OMS simulator does not perform any real processing or logic when the simulator generates data for return. It instead returns standard or random results, depending on the case, to use as sample sets of data. For more information, see Install the external OMS simulator for more information.
Note: You are recommended to a WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus on a 64-bit system. Out of memory issues can be encountered if you are installing on a 32-bit environment.