WebSphere Commerce Version or later

Universal Behavior Exchange (UBX) integration with WebSphere Commerce

You can integrate Universal Behavior Exchange (UBX) with WebSphere Commerce so that you can import and export WebSphere Commerce customer segments as UBX audiences between third-party applications.

UBX overview with WebSphere Commerce

IBM Universal Behavior Exchange

The typical brand uses 30+ different solutions to engage their customers. The IBM Universal Behavior Exchange is an open exchange that makes it easy to share customer data between certified solutions. You can bypass the typical IT work that is required to start a personalized campaign, speeding time to market from weeks to just one day. This feature is available in the IBM Watson Campaign Automation and other IBM Commerce products.

With IBM Watson Campaign Automation and UBX, you can benefit in the following ways:

Take control

  • Gain agility and go from personalized marketing aspirations to execution in just one day, without opening a project with IT.
  • You control the flow of customer data, including audiences, events, and profiles between certified applications in just three clicks.

Act in the moment

  • Automate personalization in the moment by triggering campaigns based on the actions you deem most meaningful.
  • Free yourself from daily data extractions and uploads.
  • Automatically respond to customer behavior in any marketing solution to create a meaningful experience in the moment.

Enrich your results

  • Run better-performing campaigns with more precise targeting and more relevant engagement.
  • Harness the power to personalize at scale. Increase response rates. Improve ROI across paid, owned, and earned channels, and ultimately build brand loyalty.