Troubleshooting: Error WSW0012E when deploying an EJB module that contains Web services

When deploying an EJB module that contains Web services, you may see the WSWS0012E error message.

WSWS0012E: Failed while looking in the application EAR file's application.xml for a Web module whose name is  Router Module Name.war. Perhaps the EndpointEnabler has not been run on the application.

EJB modules that contain Web services have a corresponding router Web module. WebSphere Application Server assumes that both the router module and the EJB module are deployed at the same time. However, this is not possible when using the WebSphere Application Server Application management tooling. The WebSphere Application Server tools only allow you to add one module to the application at a time. Here are the procedures you can use to work around this problem:

  1. Install the WebSphere Application Server PK39487.
  2. Deploy the router module (Web module) as a module update.
  3. Deploy the EJB module as an entire module update. Ensure that you use the parameter -custom
  4. Save the new configuration.