Troubleshooting: Enabling application management tracing

You encounter errors during deployment or suspect that your changes are not being deployed. You need more details on the errors to help determine how to fix them.

Enable WebSphere Application Server tracing to help diagnose deployment problems. The trace specification for the WebSphere Application Server application update feature is:**=all

Depending on your topology, you may need to enable this trace specification on several servers in your environment. For a standalone environment (that is, a non-federated environment), enable this trace specification on the server that is running WebSphere Commerce. For a managed (federated) environment, there are several servers involved: enable the trace specification on the Deployment Manager and any Node Agents that have servers that are running the WebSphere Commerce enterprise application that you are updating.

Since the wsadmin tool is a client to your server, you can also enable tracing on the wsadmin tool. To do this, edit the WC_profiledir /properties/ file. You must set the property to the correct trace specification. By default this line is commented out; be sure to remove the comment character (#) when you set the desired trace specification. The wsadmin client's trace file is WC_profiledir /logs/wsadmin.traceout.

After enabling tracing, run the deployment again and analyze the trace files to help determine the problem.