An Unsupported Browser Error page is displayed for Internet Explorer in the store

When you view the Aurora starter store in a supported version of Internet Explorer, the store displays an Unsupported Browser Error page.


The following error is displayed in the Aurora starter store, which prevents you from browsing the store:
Unsupported Browser Error
You are using an unsupported web browser. Use Internet Explorer 8 or higher, or another web browser and try again.
This error is displayed even though you are using a supported version of Internet Explorer, for example, Internet Explorer 8.

This problem may occur if you are using the browser in compatibility view or with a modified User-Agent string.


In the Internet Explorer browser, ensure that you are not running the browser in compatibility view. Ensure that the Aurora store domain ( is not listed as a website to view in compatibility view. Compatibility view renders the page as though the browser is Internet Explorer version 7 rather than Internet Explorer version 8. As a result, the Aurora starter store displays the Unsupported Browser Error page.

If you are attempting to use store preview with WebSphere Commerce Accelerator in compatibility view, you must instead use the Management Center store preview.