Troubleshooting: Performance information for the Aurora starter store

The Aurora starter store contains default behaviors that might affect storefront performance. Changing the default behaviors might improve your storefront performance when you work with Aurora starter store pages.

Consider the following default storefront behaviors and their performance considerations when you work with Aurora starter store pages:

Checking out: Shipping and Billing page displays all order items by default

The Aurora starter store displays all order item details by default when you check out on the Shipping and Billing page.

You might improve storefront performance during checkout if you hide order item details in the shipping and billing page. When a shopping cart size typically contains many items, use the store page to display order item details on demand. For example, customers can explicitly request details by clicking a plus sign beside the order items to show more detailed information.

You can enable the Show and hide order items store function for check-out pages. The order items are initially hidden but the shopper can expand and collapse a twistie to show and hide the items on the page. This store function affects the Shipping and Billing Method, Order Summary, and Order Confirmation pages. For more information, see Aurora starter store functions.