For IBM i OS operating system

Starting and stopping an application server on IBM i

Starting an application server starts both the application server and any applications that run inside the application server.

About this task

Your user profile must have *JOBCTL authority to start or stop an application server.


  1. Ensure the WebSphere Application Server subsystem is started by doing the following:
    1. Start a command session.
    2. Issue the following command:
    3. Ensure that the following subsystem appears in the list of running subsystems displayed:
  2. Start a Qshell session by entering the following from a command line:
  3. Do one of the following:
    Note: These commands are case sensitive.
    • To start an application server:
      WC_profiledir/bin/startServer server_name
    • To stop an application server:
      WC_profiledir/bin/stopServer server_name
    • To start an application server under WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment:
      WAS_ND_profiledir/bin/startServer server_name
    • To stop an application server under WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment:
      WAS_ND_profiledir/bin/stopServer server_name

      server_name is the name of your server for example, server1.

  4. Starting and stopping quick reference. Select the appropriate link from the left pane based on your version of WebSphere Application Server.
  5. Start the IBM Knowledge Center.
    The IBM Knowledge Center can be used to provide help when using the WebSphere Commerce tools such as WebSphere Commerce Administration Console.