Starting and stopping WebSphere Commerce Search

Start or stop the solrServer instance to start or stop .

Before you begin

Go to the following directory:
  • AIXLinuxWAS_installdir/profiles/Solr_profiledir/bin
  • WindowsWAS_installdir\profiles\Solr_profiledir\bin
Where Solr_profiledir is the directory that is created for the WebSphere Application Server profile that is used by a WebSphere Commerce Search instance.


  • To start WebSphere Commerce Search:
    1. Start the solrServer instance:
      • AIXLinux./ solrServer
      • WindowsstartServer.bat solrServer
  • To stop WebSphere Commerce Search:
    1. Stop the solrServer instance:
      • AIXLinux./ solrServer
      • WindowsstopServer.bat solrServer
  • To restart WebSphere Commerce Search, stop then start the solrServer instance.