Tutorial: Developing a payment plug-in

This tutorial shows the steps involved in developing and deploying a new payment plug-in.

Learning objectives

A payment plug-in is required when WebSphere Commerce needs to integrate with a payment service provider to process electronic payments and refunds. This tutorial demonstrates how to write a payment plug-in to integrate with the Payment Service Provider Simulator, a sample application that mimics the services offered by a real payment service provider.

Time required

Expect this tutorial to take about 3 to 6 hours to complete.


This tutorial is intended for developers responsible for integrating WebSphere Commerce with payment service providers.


Before beginning this tutorial ensure that you have fulfilled the following prerequisites:

  • Installed WebSphere Commerce Developer
  • Deployed the Payment Service Provider Simulator
  • Create the following directory: WCDE_installdir/xml/config/payments/edp/groups/default. The default directory must contain the following files:
    • AVSRules.xml
    • CoreCancelOrderPaymentActions.xml
    • CoreEditActions.xml
    • CoreEditReversePaymentActions.xml
    • CorePaymentActions.xml

Deploying the Payment Service Provider Simulator

The Payment Service Provider Simulator is a sample application used by this tutorial to mimic the processing of electronic payments and refunds by a real payment service provider. To deploy the Payment Service Provider Simulator in WebSphere Commerce Developer: