Tutorial: Configuring the SimpleOffline plug-in with two payment methods

This tutorial demonstrates how to configure a payment system for your store. This tutorial uses two payment methods: myVISA and PayInStore as examples to show how to setup the payment methods using the SimpleOffline plug-in.

Learning objectives

After completing this tutorial you will understand how to:
  • Configure your payment system to use synchronous event
  • Create a payment configuration group for your store
  • Configure each XML configuration file in the payment configuration group for two payment methods
  • Configure the XML configuration files for the payment plug-in controller
  • Configure the XML configuration files for the SimpleOffline payment plug-in
  • Configure two payment business policies for your store
This tutorial should take approximately 30 minutes to finish. If you explore other concepts related to this tutorial, it could take longer to complete.

Skill level



This tutorial is intended for store developers to configure the payment methods for the store.

System requirements

To complete this tutorial, you should install IBM WebSphere Commerce, create a WebSphere Commerce instance, and publish the ConsumerDirect store.


You should also be familiar with the following terms and concepts: