Deprecated feature

Customizable payment JSP files

You can customize the sample JSP files that are provided for payment processing to suit different cassettes.

The following views are provided by default:

  • OrderOKView
  • DoPaymentErrorView

By default, the bootstrap data is set up for all stores (storeEnt_id of 0) in the Struts configuration file to use the PayStatusPM.jsp for the PaySuccessView, PayCancelView and PayFailureView and PayService.jsp for the PayServiceView.

Move these two sample JavaServer Pages files from the WC_installdir/samples/web/payment directory to each of the following directories:

WC_eardir/Stores.war/ store_directory

Once the JSP files have been moved, the system will be able to locate them. You may want to customize the files for your use. For example, you can add your store banner, logo, or change the color scheme and fonts.

The PayStatusPM.jsp is an all-purpose sample JSP file that many of the views related to payment processing could specify. Besides the PaySuccessView, PayCancelView, PayFailureView and PayServiceView mentioned above, the OrderOKView could also be set up to specify this JSP file.

To set up the OrderOKView manually in the Struts configuration file, ensure you specify the ForwardViewCommand interface. The appropriate values for setting up the OrderOKView entry in the Struts configuration file are as follows:

Column Value
viewname OrderOKView
devicefmt_id -1
properties docname= JSP file name where JSP file name is the name of the JSP file you want to use. For example, to use PayStatusPM.jsp, the value would be docname=PayStatusPM.jsp.

The default page for the DoPaymentErrorView is GenericApplicationError.jsp, located in the following directory: WC_eardir/Stores.war/ store_directory

This sample JSP file is specified by many error views by default. Its purpose is to show the error information that is available from the ErrorDataBean that the JSP file receives from the server. You should provide your own customized Error Page to display a more meaningful message to the customer.