Enabling interim fix JR56826

JR56826 improves the performance of tracing for order status flows.

Before you begin

Install the interim fix for JR56826.


  1. Open the WebSphere Application Server Administrative Console.
  2. Expand Troubleshooting > Logs and Trace.
    The Logging and Tracing page displays in the workspace on the right.
  3. Click the server for which you want to enable the tracing (such as 'server1'). The window refreshes to display the logging and tracing options for the server.
  4. Click the Configuration or Runtime tab.
    Changes that are made to Configuration are stored on the file system and applied when the server starts. You must restart the server to pick up any changes. This is required for finding issues that originate or occur when the server is initiated. Modifications to Runtime are applied immediately and are lost after the server is restarted.
  5. Select Change Log Detail Levels.
  6. Add the following trace.
    *=info: com.ibm.commerce.orderintegration=all
  7. Click Apply > OK to apply the changes to your server. If you selected to change the log details levels on the Configuration tab, then restart your server.