Enabling interim fix JR44017

Interim fix JR44017 adds many features for environments that are integrated with Sterling Order Management:

  • The ability to load the inventory .csv files automatically with a scheduler job
  • The ability to use a service to validate shipping methods of an order
  • The ability to populate and return 'unit of measure' data for components of kits or bundles in the GetCatalogNavigationView service
If you want to enable these features, complete the following procedure.

Before you begin

Install the cumulative interim fix for Feature Pack 5, JR53048.fep.


  1. If you installed this interim fix after feature enablement, run the following SQL to insert one record to the SCHCONFIG table.
    insert into schconfig 
  2. Restart the WebSphere Commerce server.

    For more information about running the scheduler job to load inventory .csv files, see Inventory cache push synchronization