Enabling interim fix JR55718

JR55718 resolves an issue where you might encounter an input validation error when launching the "Test and Compile" window from Visual Modeler and clicking the "Add" button.

For example, you might encounter the following error:
16:40:09,796:WARN :WebContainer : 3: SECURITY-FAILURE - Input exceeds maximum allowed length of 500 by 245 characters: 
context=HTTP parameter value (Name:configurationXML), type=_default_, 
input=<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF8'?>__<ConfiguratorBOM ... ...

Before you begin

Install interim fix JR55718.


  1. Set Sterling Configurator security settings:
    1. On the Sterling Configurator application server, create the directory path WEB-INF/lib under Sterling_dir/repository/eardata/sic/extn.
    2. Copy the following SterlingCommerceConfigurator.jar to your newly created Sterling_dir/repository/eardata/sic/extn/WEB-INF/lib directory.
      • WebSphere Commerce DeveloperWCDE_installdir/workspace/WC/SterlingConfigurator/SterlingCommerceConfigurator.jar
      • WC_installdir/components/foundation/samples/integration/SterlingConfigurator/SterlingCommerceConfigurator.jar
  2. If you customized security in /com/comergent/security/xss/sic_InputType_ValidationRules_extn.properties, merge the following lines to the existing properties file.
        \\n\\r]*$ HTTPParameterValue.SCVALIDATOR.configurationXML.MAX_LENGTH=10000
  3. Rebuild and redeploy the Sterling application (EAR) to update your application with the changes.