Enabling interim fix JR55642

JR55642 improves the performance of WebSphere Commerce environments that are integrated with Sterling Configure, Price, and Quote (CPQ).

The GetItemPriceUE implementation on the CPQ side does not filter duplicate SKUs before the price request is sent to WebSphere Commerce. Therefore, many duplicate SKUs in the request might affect the performance of WebSphere Commerce.

Before you begin

Install the interim fix for JR55642.


  1. Copy the following WebSphere Commerce JAR files to the Sterling Configurator server.
    1. On the WebSphere Commerce server, Go to the following directory.
      • WebSphere Commerce DeveloperWCDE_installdir/components/foundation/samples/integration/SterlingConfigurator.
      • WC_installdir/components/foundation/samples/integration/SterlingConfigurator
    2. Copy the SterlingCommerceServerExtensionsLogic.jar file to a temporary directory on the Sterling Configurator server.
      For example, a newly created directory Sterling_dir/wcjars.
    3. On the WebSphere Commerce server, go to the WCServer_enterprise_archive directory and copy the following files to the temporary directory that you created on the Sterling Configurator server.
      • Catalog-Client.jar
      • Catalog-DataObjects.jar
      • Foundation-Core.jar
      • Foundation-DataObjects.jar
      • Price-Client.jar
      • Price-DataObjects.jar
    4. On the WebSphere Commerce server, copy the commons-lang3.jar file to the temporary directory on the Sterling Configurator server.
      • WC_installdir/lib/commons-lang3.jar
      • WebSphere Commerce DeveloperWCDE_installdir/workspace/WC/lib/commons-lang3.jar
  2. On the Sterling Configuration server, go to the Sterling_dir/bin directory.
  3. Run the following script by replacing wcjars with the name of the temporary directory that you created.
    ./install3rdParty.sh websphere 7_0 -j ../wcjars/Catalog-Client.jar
         ../wcjars/Price-Client.jar ../wcjars/Price-DataObjects.jar ../wcjars/SterlingCommerceServerExtensionsLogic.jar
         ../wcjars/Performance-Profiler.jar  ../wcjars/commons-lang3.jar -targetJVM APP

    Verify that the JAR files are copied to the Sterling_dir/jar/websphere/7_0/ directory.

  4. Rebuild the Sterling application by running the following command in Sterling_dir/bin/.
    ./buildear.sh -Dappserver=websphere -Dwarfiles=sic,smcfs -Dnowebservice=true -Dnodocear=true 
        -Dearfile=sic.ear create-ear

    The output of the command is Sterling_dir/external_deployments/sic.ear.

  5. Redeploy the sic.ear file.
    1. Open the WebSphere Application Server Administration Console and go to Applications > Application Types > WebSphere enterprise applications.
    2. Select Sterling Application and click Update.
    3. Select Replace the entire application and Remote file system.
    4. Browse to the rebuilt Sterling_dir/external_deployments/sic.ear file.
    5. Click Next, accept all default values, and then click Save.
      The application is now updated.