Feature Pack 8

Enabling interim fix JR55162

Interim fix JR55162 resolves an issue that occurs on WebSphere Commerce environments that are integrated with Sterling Configuration. The fix ensures that if you clear the "Configurable" option for a predefined dynamic kit, the Change configuration link does not display on the Check out pages.

The following JSP files are updated in the WC_installdir/components/store-enhancements/starterstores/ConsumerDirect/Aurora.sar/:
  • StoreAssetsDir/ShoppingArea/CheckoutSection/SingleShipment/OrderItemDetails.jsp
  • StoreAssetsDir/ShoppingArea/CheckoutSection/MultipleShipment/MSOrderItemDetails.jsp
  • StoreAssetsDir/Snippets/Order/Cart/OrderItemDetail.jsp
To enable the fix onto your environment, you need to merge the changes with your current store's JSP files. For more information, see Enabling store-related interim fixes.