Troubleshooting: Update Installer warning message during database update

When you are applying a fix pack to WebSphere Commerce instance, you can automatically apply database changes. If you select this option, the Update Installer might display a warning message.

Note: Before you apply a fix pack, ensure that you always backup the WebSphere Commerce database.
Applying updates to the database associated with the instance "instance_name" failed or timed out. See the log file "<log_file>" 
and the topic "Update Installer warning message while updating the database".
If you see this message, verify whether database updates completed successfully:
  1. Open the following file:
    • For IBM i OS operating systemLinuxAIXWindows WC_installdir \logs\update\updatedb-instance_name.log
    • WebSphere Commerce Developer WCDE_installdir \logs\update\updatedb.log
  2. Go to the end of the file. Look for one of these messages:
    Analyze the log file to determine why the database update process failed. Correct the problems; restore the WebSphere Commerce database, then manually run the database update. You must restore the database before you apply the same schema changes.
    Ignore the Update Installer warning message. The database updates are complete and you can continue with the fix pack installation process.
    If neither message is found, then the database update process is ongoing. Wait for the process to finish before you continue. Depending on the system and the amount of data within the database, the database update process might take time, for instance between 0.5 - 2 hours.
Feature Pack 7 or laterNote: You can also encounter errors when you are running a process or utility if the input parameters that are used to establish a database connection are incorrect. To validate that a database connection can be established with the configured input parameters, use the database connection validation utility. For more information about running this utility, see Running the database connection validation utility.

For more information about updating the database during the process to apply a fix pack, see updating the database manually.