Troubleshooting: Interim fix installation fails with ForEachAntTask cannot be found error

The following error occurs in the exportEAR.log file when you try to install an APAR on an instance:

/usr/IBM/WebSphere/CommerceServer70/config/deployment/xml/exportEar.xml:49:  The following error
occurred while executing this line:
/usr/IBM/WebSphere/CommerceServer70/config/deployment/xml/exportEar.xml:305:  taskdef class
\ cannot be found


Incorrect permissions are set on the Update Installer directory (UPDI_installdir) or on the update.jar file that is located in the Update Installer installation directory. The root cause for having incorrect permissions is because the umask for the root user is set to 0027. The umask causes new folders that are created by the root user to have a permission of 750.


Set the correct permissions on the Update Installer directory and the update.jar file. Ensure that the Update Installer folder permission is set to 755. If not, you can issue the following command on the Update Installer directory:

chmod 755 -R

This command sets the permissions on the Update Installer directory to 755 recursively.