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CloseBidding URL

Closes the auction for all bids.

URL structure

http:// host_name/path/
The fully qualified name of your WebSphere Commerce Server and the configuration path

Parameter values

Required: The auction ID number to be changed to a status of Bidding Closed. This parameter can be repeated.


This example closes the bidding for auction 200122:



  • Calls the AuctionAccessBean to check whether the auction reference numbers are valid and the auctions are current. Sets the auction status to 'BC' for Bidding Closed in the AUSTATUS column of the AUCTION table.

Exception Conditions

  • If a problem occurs with the product inventory, throws _ERR_TOOLS_AUCTION_INV_CHANGE.
  • If the closing type is invalid, throws _ERR_TOOLS_AUCTION_INVALID_RULETYPE.
  • If an unknown error condition occurs, throws _ERR_TOOLS_AUCTION_MSG_NOT_HANDLE.