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BidSubmit URL

Validates input from the BidCreateForm command or the BidUpdateForm command.

Validates input from the BidCreateForm command or the BidUpdateForm command. If the required parameter values are valid, a new row is created in the BID table. If an existing bid is updated, a new row is created in the BIDLOG table to reflect the existing bid data. The bid message field in this new BIDLOG row is set to Superseded.

URL structure

http:// host_name/path/
The fully qualified name of your WebSphere Commerce Server and the configuration path.

Parameter values

Required: The reference number of the auction for which a bid is being submitted.
Required: The reference number of the new bid that is being submitted.
Required: The quantity of products being bid for.
Required: The price the bidder is willing to pay for each product.
Required: The authorization flag. Authorizes a deduction from the specified credit card. The only value currently accepted is on (enabled).
Required: The shipping address reference number.
Required: The billing address reference number.
Required: The URL that is called when the command completes successfully.
Required: The shipping mode reference number.
The partial quantity flag. By default, the full quantity is required unless specified otherwise.
The time the bid or autobid was created. The default is set to the current system (server) time.
Required: The action to be taken by the bid: create or update.
Required: String which contains the following payment information:
The ID of payment policy.
The name of payment card brand.
The payment card number.
The month after which the payment card expires.
The year after which the payment card expires.
Required: The payment selection index.


This example submits a new bid:



  • Looks up the auction based on the specified auction reference number and verifies that the status is Current.
  • Checks that the customer-specified bid price meets best bid value requirements.
  • For Dutch auctions, verifies that the requested number of items is greater than or equal to the current quantity on auction.
  • Calls the CheckBidderQualification task command to determine whether the customer is authorized to bid in this auction. The task command checks that the customer is registered.
  • Calls the CheckBidderStatus task command to ensure the customer has viewed the auction rules.
  • If called from the BidUpdateForm command, verifies that the auction type is not Dutch.
  • Calls the CheckBidUpdateAuthorization task command to determine if the auction rules allow bid update and if the customer is authorized to update it. The bid owner ID must match the customer ID.
  • Calls the CheckGenBidRef task command to validate the bid reference number.
  • If the auction type is not Dutch, calls the CheckBidControl task command to determine if the bidding rules were followed.
  • Calls the CheckCCNumber command to validate the credit card number and expiration date.
  • Calls the DataCrypt command to encrypt the credit card number.
  • Calls the AddressAccessBean and AddressBookAccessBean to validate the shipping and billing addresses. Calls the ShipModeAccessBean to validate the shipping mode reference number.
  • If an existing bid is being updated, creates a new row in the BIDLOG table with the same field values as in the existing bid and sets the bid message field to Superseded. For a new bid, creates a new row in the BID table and sets its fields based on the user input data.
  • For Open Cry and Sealed Bid auctions, calls the DoDepositPayment task command to record the deposit in the BIDPAYMENT table. Note that the deposit is only recorded in this table; it is not collected or applied to an order. You must implement your own overridable task in order to process the deposit.
  • Calls the MemberAuctionRelationAccessBean to add the auction to the auction gallery, if it is not already present.
  • Redirects to the specified URL.

Exception Conditions

  • An incorrect auction reference number results in an incorrect auction key exception.
  • An auction status other than Current results in an auction not current exception.
  • An unqualified bidder results in an unregistered user exception.