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BidDelete URL

Allows customers to withdraw bids they have submitted in an auction.

URL structure

http:// host_name/path/
The fully qualified name of your WebSphere Commerce Server and the configuration path

Parameter values

Required: The bid reference numbers to be deleted. This parameter can be repeated.
Required: The URL that is called when the command completes successfully


This example deletes bid 6759:



  • Calls the BidAccessBean to check that the bid reference numbers are valid.
  • Checks that the auction reference number is valid.
  • Calls the CheckBidDeleteAuthorization task command to ensure that the customer is authorized to withdraw the bids.
  • Marks the bids as retracted.
  • Calls the DoDepositPayment task command to credit any deposit money charged earlier.
  • Redirects to the specified URL.

Exception Conditions

  • If mandatory parameters are null, throws ECApplicationException with a relevant message
  • If command context is null, throws ECApplicationException with a relevant message:
    • ECSystemException if any auction ID, autobid ID, or bid ID lookup fails
    • ECSystemException if any task command cannot be created or generates any error
    • ECApplicationException if any auction is not current, or is not Sealed Bid or Open Cry
    • ECApplicationException if a bidder is not authorized to delete bids