Deprecated feature

WebSphere Commerce Payments command reference

Parameters for the commands described here apply to the framework only. Note that in most cases, WebSphere Commerce Payments does not check for duplicate parameters. If more than one instance of a parameter is specified, then the last instance will be used.

Clients send commands to WebSphere Commerce Payments by using HTTP POST requests, containing lists of keyword-value pairs. This section presents:

  • WebSphere Commerce Payments financial and administrative commands
  • Command descriptions
  • List of required and optional keywords
  • Guidelines regarding payment commands and query commands

Each command contains the name OPERATION. The value of the OPERATION parameter specifies the requested procedure.

In addition to OPERATION, ETAPIVERSION specifies the version number of the API. ETAPIVERSION is also required on every command.

Other name-value pairs in each command are dependent on the value of the OPERATION. The name-value pairs required by the payment operations are listed in the following tables. Other general guidelines for the name-value pairs include:

  • The keyword strings are not case-sensitive.
  • Do not use leading zeros for any integers in ASCII characters.