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WebSphere Commerce Payments primary return codes

The following table shows the primary return codes (PRCs) for WebSphere Commerce Payments.

Those PRCs that have specific secondary return codes (SRCs) are listed in this table; SRCs that span multiple PRCs are in Secondary return codes (generic).

Primary return code Value Description
PRC_OPERATION_SUCCESS 0 Operation completed successfully. A non-zero secondary return code (SRC) may be provided for additional information.
PRC_OPERATION_PENDING 1 The API call has not yet completed and is pending on the availability of WebSphere Commerce Payments entities. The SRC indicates resources upon which the operation is pending.
PRC_UNDEFINED_OBJECT 2 A specified object was not found. The object is indicated by the SRC.
PRC_PARAMETER_NOT_FOUND 3 A required parameter was not found. The parameter is indicated by the SRC.
PRC_PARAMETER_TOO_SHORT 4 A required parameter was too short. The parameter is indicated by the SRC.
PRC_PARAMETER_TOO_LONG 5 A required parameter was too long. The parameter is indicated by the SRC.
PRC_PARAMETER_FORMAT_ERROR 6 A required parameter was formatted incorrectly. The parameter is indicated by the SRC.
PRC_PARAMETER_VALUE_ERROR 7 A required parameter had an incorrect value. The parameter is indicated by the SRC.
PRC_DUPLICATE_OBJECT 8 A duplicate object exists. As indicated by the SRC, a payment with this payment number already exists.
PRC_PARAMETER_MISMATCH 9 A parameter mismatch occurred. The parameter is indicated by the SRC.
PRC_INPUT_ERROR 10 There was an error parsing the input stream. The command or one of its parameters has an invalid length.
PRC_VERB_NOT_VALID_IN_PRESENT_STATE 11 An object is not in the correct state for this action. The particular object is indicated by the SRC.
PRC_COMMUNICATION_ERROR 12 A communication error occurred in WebSphere Commerce Payments.
PRC_INTERNAL_ETILL_ERROR 13 WebSphere Commerce Payments experienced an unexpected internal error.
PRC_DATABASE_ERROR 14 A database communications error occurred.
PRC_CASSETTE_ERROR 15 A cassette-specific error occurred.
PRC_UNSUPPORTED_API_VERSION 17 The API version used by the application program is newer than that supported by WebSphere Commerce Payments.
PRC_OBSOLETE_API_VERSION 18 The API version used by the application is no longer supported by WebSphere Commerce Payments. Upgrade the application program to use the newer function which replaces the obsoleted function or feature.
PRC_AUTOAPPROVE_FAILED 19 Auto approve in ReceivePayment or AcceptPayment failed.
PRC_AUTODEPOSIT_FAILED 20 Auto deposit in ReceivePayment or AcceptPayment failed
PRC_CASSETTE_NOTRUNNING 21 The cassette is not running.
PRC_CASSETTE_NOTVALID 22 The cassette is not valid.
PRC_UNSUPPORTED_IN_SYSPLEX 23 The operation is not supported in sysplex environment.
PRC_PARAMETER_NULL_VALUE 24 The parameter has a null value.
PRC_XML_ERROR 30 The XML document is not correct.
PRC_COREQUISITE_PARAMETER_NOT_FOUND 31 The parameter must be specified when another parameter is specified.
PRC_INVALID_PARAMETER_COMBINATION 32 The combination of the parameters specified in a API command is not allowed.
PRC_BATCH_ERROR 33 An error related with the Batch operation occurred.
PRC_FINANCIAL_FAILURE 34 The operation failed for financial reasons.
PRC_SERVLET_INIT_ERROR 50 An error occurred when initializing the servlet.
PRC_AUTHENTICATION_ERROR 51 An error occurred during the user authentication.
PRC_AUTHORIZATION_ERROR 52 An error occurred during the user authorization.
PRC_UNHANDLED_EXCEPTION 53 An unhandled (such as null pointer) exception occurred.
PRC_DUPLICATE_PARAMETER_VALUE_NOT_ALLOWED 54 The parameter cannot be specified multiple times in this API command.
PRC_COMMAND_NOT_SUPPORTED 55 The command name is not recognized as a valid $til; command.
PRC_CRYPTO_ERROR 56 Error related with encryption/decryption key.
PRC_NOT_ACTIVE 57 An administration object is not active.
PRC_PARAMETER_NOT_ALLOWED 58 The parameter should not be specified.
PRC_DELETE_ERROR 59 The object could not be deleted.
PRC_WEBSPHERE 60 A WebSphere/WebServer related error occurred.
PRC_SUPPORTED_IN_SYSPLEX_ADMIN_ONLY 61 The request is supported in Sysplex mode only on the WebSphere Commerce Payments designated as the Sysplex Administrator.
PRC_REALM 62 A realm-related error occurred.