Deprecated feature


The CANCELORDER command moves an Order into Canceled state. You can invoke the CancelOrder command for an Order that satisfies the following criteria:

  • It has no Payments or Credits associated with it, OR
  • Any associated Payments or Credits are in their respective Reset, Void, ApprovalExpired or Declined state.

Once an Order is in Canceled state, no operations are legal except for CancelOrder. If the optional parameter, DELETEORDER, is set to "1," then the Order will be pruned. All related Payments and Credits will also be deleted; cassette-specific objects will be deleted as well.

Keywords Required Value
DELETEORDER No Indicates that the order and all ancillary objects should be deleted. Default is "0". Supported values are:
Objects should not be deleted.
Objects should be deleted.
DTDPATH No Path to the locally stored DTD. The value of this parameter is used in the XML document to specify the location of the external DTD. If this parameter is not specified, the complete DTD is returned as an internal DTD. The length of the DTDPath must be from 1 to 254 bytes.
ETAPIVERSION Yes 3 (Indicates WebSphere Commerce Payments-or predecessor product-API version: Version 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 3.1.x, 5.5.x, and 5.6.x)
MERCHANTNUMBER Yes Integer in ASCII characters. Must be from 1 to 999999999.
OPERATION Yes ASCII character string CancelOrder.
ORDERNUMBER Yes Integer in ASCII characters. Must be form 1 to 999999999.