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IBM Gift Center actions

Each IBM Gift Center action is a Struts action that calls the service interface for the gift registry to perform a requested action. If you are developing a store using the gift registry feature (for example, creating JSP files), you should be familiar with the actions. The actions are executed from a browser.

The IBM Gift Center supports these actions:

In addition, the following actions make use of existing WebSphere Commerce commands, and are developed by chaining Struts actions and commands. if you apply the IBM Gift Center sample application, you may also use these actions:

To support integrating gift registry purchases with the WebSphere Commerce order process, new parameters are added to the existing WebSphere Commerce OrderItemAdd and OrderItemUpdate commands.

Notes for kiosk:
  • To support creating and updating a gift registry using a kiosk, GiftRegistryValuesAuditCmdImpl is provided with the IBM Gift Center sample application. This command is used by the sample application to audit part of the input values for creating or updating a gift registry. It is an extension of the GiftRegistryValuesAuditCmd (provided with the base IBM Gift Center solution).
  • To create a gift registry using a kiosk, the input values are captured in multiple page (versus all input values captured on one page, as in the online scenarios or gift consultant user interface). Thus, GiftRegistryValuesAuditCmdImpl validates part of the input values. If the event date is specified in the request, the date is also validated against the gift registry business rule.
  • Unlike the GiftRegistryValuesAuditCmd, where the properties files is always GiftRegistryAddress.properties, the properties file associated with the GiftRegistryValuesAuditCmdImpl depends on the value passed in to the propertyFileName value within GiftRegistryValuesAuditCmdImpl.